Facebook Application Development Tips for Homeowners and Designers

Facebook applications are an innovation aimed to help their owners to make the most of one of the largest social networks. But like any other popular novelty, this Facebook option raises a number of questions.

In this article you will find tips and recommendations which can be helpful when planning, designing and developing Facebook applications.

Facebook Development Platform - Innovations and ... Volatility

Facebook is growing fast now. The number of Facebook users grows by thousands and millions. This means that Facebook apps owners get users increasingly potential every day.

But the flip side too: due to Facebook rapid evolution tools for the application development - Facebook API (application programming interface), etc. - are often changed too.

1). So, before starting planning a Facebook application make sure you have read Facebook Privacy Policy and the principles of political and Facebook developer. These documents contain lists of limitations that should be considered when designing and developing your Facebook application. If your application does not meet them, the Facebook team may not approve for use on Facebook.

2). Read Facebook Developers Roadmap to be aware of the upcoming changes and predict respective modifications of your application in advance.

Frankly, the above mentioned documents are not bedside literature. If you outsource their reading and learning to programmers, remember that there are constraints and internal rules on Facebook which can change with time, and your FB application should follow them.

Facebook Successful Applications Starting point for successful project

The design is extremely important for the success of the Facebook application.
1). The design must be easy to use, intuitive, and the game style to some extent, because Facebook apps are entertaining by their nature. This measure depends on your application niche.
2). The project should be social networking and viral - and give the user a supporting environment to socialize with other users. Its design encourage people to communicate and make invitations?

3). Design may impose certain restrictions on a Facebook application and therefore cause problems when programming applications, and then, when adding new features. Therefore, a design of the FB application should be flexible and simple enough to be able to reflect that constant Facebook growth we've discussed above.

4). Also remember that potential users are spoiled by numerous existing applications competing for their attention. Facebook Apps vs. Facebook Connect - What is the difference from the perspective of development?

Facebook Connect base level components are scripts which help to realize options, such as sharing a piece of content or a link from your site to Facebook, fans driving to your Facebook page, etc. Contrary to what Facebook apps are software applications which are developed from scratch using Facebook Development Platform (Facebook API), as well as PHP, AJAX, MySQL and other programming languages, libraries, and and so on. No wonder Facebook applications development and integration require designers, programmers, testers to be involved, and is very similar to creating any other piece of conventional software. Facebook applications should not be confused with ordinary websites too. Usually FB apps are the complex web-based systems with a series of modules that actually provide functionality of the application and makes the attractive application to the back-end users (server side).

Facebook Connect and Facebook applications are in fashion now.

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