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Facebook Fan Pages to capture contact information
The use of capture or squeeze pages for viral list building and lead generation is familiar to most people who surf regularly, but use a Facebook fan page (page or company) to capture the Tourist information is just beginning to "get it." use of media has generally taken at a dizzying pace and marked the beginning of social marketing with it. The fan page on Facebook, when used properly, is an essential component and offers significant advantages over traditional capture pages for list building and lead generation. With Facebook now explodes well over 750 million people, the viral power to extend its often higher traffic and conversion as precisely as possible to make a Facebook page to capture superior alternative to traditional capture pages.

A good capture page offers Value
The good capture page offers some sort of incentive in exchange for visitors to enter their name and email in a form essentially "opt-in" and giving permission to receive emails or be contacted by telephone . This type of lead capture system requires a rich graphical page offers with the ability to capture information and then pass the visitor on the landing page where the sale or the process of "conversion" continues.
Driving traffic
How to drive traffic to a capture page is a huge subject and there are many techniques to do this, including SEO (search engine optimization) of e-mail campaigns, and now through the new world very powerful social media and social marketing.

What is a Facebook Fan Page?
Facebook Fan pages, often called business pages are pages where companies are able to promote themselves on Facebook. On the other hand, personal Facebook profiles are intended to be used for non-commercial purposes only social network. When people gather on Facebook "friends" fan pages collect "likes" as they establish a sequence.

Why do companies need to be on Facebook?
Already, 83% of companies use Facebook in some way because they know they need to have a presence on Facebook.

The importance of a capture page on Facebook
So if people are on Facebook, so why not focus your traffic building efforts to attract the attention of Facebook users and then take their existing sites capture page? Why a capture page within Facebook? Facebook advertising statistics confirm, that the conversions are much higher if the landing page for an ad is in Facebook. Facebook also offers discounted advertising rates to 30% for channel ad traffic directly to a page in Facebook, instead of moving them to an outside location.

Facebook is an open network and Viral
Facebook is an open network and is built on the basis that everyone in your social circle (friends) see everything everyone is doing. As traditional capture page, a fan page capture page must provide a way to provide an offer or rich and engaging graphics incentive to get the visitor to choose and then automatically send an e-mail confirmation. Unlike traditional capture page should leverage the Facebook environment of open network and automatically send a message both in the custom mural for the visitor, thus exposing all your friends to your business or a service. So if you are driving traffic to a capture page, using a fan page on Facebook capture can literally multiply your traffic often. Even if only a friend clicks the wall post to check it, you have doubled your traffic. With many Facebook users today with 300, 400 or even 500 friends or more additional exposure can be huge!

Higher conversion and better accuracy
Since Facebook is a network of members (ie free), users must connect and identify with Facebook in order to access the network. This allows a fan page on Facebook to simplify the capture capture process. Instead of requiring the visitor to fill out a form, provide at least your name and email address, they can simply two clicks, give Facebook permission to provide their information directly from the Facebook database tool capture. The statistics support this showing the conversation rate 3-4 times higher on the traditional capture pages.

This process also ensures the accuracy of the information entered is captured directly as the Facebook database. This eliminates the frequent presence of visitors put on false information (ie Mickey Mouse and Santa Claus will visit your site more) to spend the capture page. Using a Facebook fan page updates automatically captures the quality of the captured information.

So, to wrap it all: A market with over 750 million people, the viral power to extend its often higher converting traffic and accurately as possible to really make a Facebook page for alternative capture superior to traditional capture pages!

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