Crime Free Apartments in Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland, in honor of Lord Baltimore is a great city with about 300 distinct neighborhoods. During this extent, the second largest city in the entire United States territory to swell its population over 100,000 citizens have been some very difficult recognition regarding crime rates. In 2008, the city recorded 234 homicides. There are many Baltimore apartments available for rent in Baltimore, you can choose safely from making your next home. is a very useful site that describes the crime statistics in the different neighborhoods of Baltimore. He will break violent crime and crimes against property by neighborhood and classifies neighborhoods safer and more crime prone to Baltimore.

Baltimore is ranked number 5 from a 100 to the safest cities in the United States. This means, Baltimore is safer than 5 percent of cities in the United States. Each year, there are 11,000 violent crimes and 37,000 crimes against property. These rates may seem a bit overwhelming, but despite them, there are very safe neighborhoods in Baltimore.

The top ten safest neighborhoods of Baltimore are:

1. Glendale / Glenmont
2. Roland Park
3. Pinehurst
4. Armagh / Woodbrook
5. Homeland
6. Anneslie / Idlewylde
7. Evergreen
8. Charles St / Cold Spring Ln
9. Wellwood / Dumbarton
10. Armistead Gardens

In the district of Glendale / Glenmont, annual crime rate of violent crime is 0 and 10 for crimes against property. Crimes against property can include theft, vandalism or invasion. Roland Park area has an annual murder rate of 6 violent crimes and 21 crimes against property. In the bottom of the list is Armistead Gardens rated as the safest area 10 in Baltimore. Each year, the district reported 13 violent crimes per year and 79 crimes against property.

The most popular areas are Baltimore City Center Overlea, Ranchleigh, Guilford and Woodberry.

Neighbourhoods with the highest crime rates in Baltimore are downtown, Liberty Heights, Druid Hill, North Ave and Reistertown.

Once you find an apartment, you can then move in knowing that you live in a safe neighborhood.

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