Are You Ready for The Nintendo 3DS?

Finally, 3D, things that made the science fiction films so surprising, reached the world of gaming with the Nintendo 3DS. As it has done for decades, Nintendo has another first in the gaming world by introducing a handheld infused with the possibility for 3D graphics. This is another point for Nintendo in terms of making a mark in the history of games.

The future in the palm of your hand

Is there another reason that can beat that you can experience your favorite video games from Nintendo with such vivid images that virtually leap off the screen without using 3D glasses?

The analog control

Nintendo improves your overall controls on the analog stick is called the Circle Pad game. This pad is located on the left side of the console above the classic D-pad.
Amazing resolution

Can you imagine being able to play great games like Nintendo Zelda, The Sims, Mario, Super Street Fighters and Metal Gear Solid with exceptional image quality? The Nintendo 3DS will surprise you with its large top screen that displays images at 800x240 resolution and a screen that projects images at 320x240 pixels. Incredibly vibrant pictures are also in the ability of the Nintendo 3DS can display images at more than 16 million colors.

Take your DS games for 3DS

In addition to video games in 3D too brand designed for the Nintendo 3DS, which will be available, the most beloved games for the Nintendo DS can also be enjoyed in the 3D console. You can enjoy 2D games by simply turning the depth slider down. For one, the DS game will appear in 3D on Nintendo 3DS. However, a good consolation is that nothing in the DS game will change the way the game graphics and DS games will always be the same with the Nintendo 3DS.

Connect with other 3DS playmates Players

If there are other features that make the Nintendo 3DS really great, they are things called StreetPass and SpotPass to. The SpotPass allows your 3DS, even in standby mode to find portals where you can download the free software, information and other accessible sites, because the island is Wi-Fi range. It can even leave to participate games, and other players of the game Nintendo 3DS in other parts of the globe.

If you want to be one of the first game fanatics to get their hands on the first 3D pocket and one that will be part of the history of the game, keep watch for more timely and juicy information about Nintendo 3DS. Avoid going to work to buy expensive gaming publications or watch a video conference play for the last snacks because you can get everything you need to know about Ren Becker website below.

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