How to Integrate Pinterest With Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook business page and Pinterest business account - why not integrate both in a mutually beneficial strategy? In June 2013, Pinterest has 70 million users, according to research firm based in Paris Semiocast social media. Businesses have much to gain from Pinterest (and social media in general): new customers, the most committed customers, sales. According to a report in June 2013 by the market intelligence firm Visioncritical, 4 of 10 social media users purchased something online or in store after "favoriting" or share it on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. So as you can get help from your Facebook fans to build a following on Pinterest? And how to integrate Pinterest with the Facebook page?

Get a Pinterest guide you on Facebook business page

1. Install an app on your Pinterest Facebook page tab or use Woobox is the application that lets you create your page of Pinterest tab on your Facebook page.

2. Create a tab on your Facebook page so when people come to read your messages, or discover, you will also see that you are on Pinterest. The guide allows followers to see all your cards are on Pinterest, remaining on the Facebook platform (woobox only), they are taken to Pinterest when Repin or comment.

In addition, with woobox you can require users to like your Facebook page before you see your Pinterest tab, show all their cards and pins called as they are on Pinterest and get complete statistics for page views, visits, and as, segmented by fans and non-fans who see their guide.

Pinterest post links to updates on the Facebook page

Share direct link to your Pinterest page as a status update, to let people know why they should keep on the two platforms. Be specific about the type of value you create to your followers on Pinterest.

Promote specific maps on Facebook

On Pinterest followers can choose to follow all of your cards or just a few, and with that in mind - you can be more successful promotion specific cards to your Facebook followers. Update your status by downloading an image of a pin to Facebook, add a description and a link to the relevant council. An attractive image is given more space in the Facebook newsfeed than just a link - if the update is more likely to be seen by their fans.

Post a link to your Pinterest board as an update with a picture of one of its pins. The council overview can be generated by the direct URL Job Board, it will also include the text in the description of your board (you can set and change the settings of the store on Pinterest).

Post a link to a pin will automatically produce an image of the pin, the name plate and subtitles given.
Promote competition on Facebook Pinterest

Contests and promotions are very popular on Pinterest, as they are on Facebook. There are very few restrictions on how the contests and promotions are hosted on Pinterest, to obtain leverage both platforms, the promotion of competition or promotion on Facebook and Pinterest encourage their fans participate. You can check the latest brand guidelines for the implementation of content on Pinterest here.

Another advantage of Pinterest content - it creates a lot of engagement between his supporters and it usually results in a greater commitment on their Facebook page. more engagement on your Facebook page on Facebook would treat their other more favorable updates in the battle of feed for the space and scope. What type of content that can run on Pinterest?

SEO review;
Ask operators to follow you on Pinterest to build your following;
Ask them to create a board of a name and a specific description, it will promote your contest for followers of the person who entered;
Ask them to fix at least ten points for the board to create a theme, several elements should be your website - to share your content with a wider audience and create links to your content;
Participants must submit the URL of the card in one form or via email (as above) and ask them to withdraw newsletter sign - and build your email list at the same time.
    If you are a fashion boutique, asking them to create a board that symbolizes the fall of 2013 might look better work well and their judgment criteria would reward interpretation of the latest fashion and creativity.

Its action this week:

If you have a Pinterest account, install a Pinterest tab on Facebook;
Use status updates to promote the plates and pins;
Ensure descriptions, titles and subtitles are optimized in their staff - and images of your website has links to the site;
Plan your marketing strategy Pinterest / Facebook - which updates you post and how you will add value.

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