GTA 3 Game Review

And the game that marks the transition from 2D to 3D GTA series, with excellent results.

Like all fans of the series know, we walked in the game in a big city on foot or by other means, for new missions to do that will give us the opportunity to earn money to buy and we reveal plot slowly.

The game takes place in a metropolis called Liberty City, a sort of New York version of super-violent, with a high rate of crime and prostitution.

The city is in the hands of three major Mafia (Mafia, Yakuza and Puerto Ricans) who divided the three main areas of Liberty City.

The beginning shows us John (the protagonist), a criminal low altitude that the attempted coup of his life in a bank, but something goes wrong and he was arrested and managed to escape.

During the attempted escape John take control and start flying in the car with 8-Ball (another prisoner.)

The missions have a variety of situations to deal with, we assaults sniper missions, drug trafficking and so on.

Rockstar Graphically the title is built with the changing weather conditions and excellent lighting effects, but it also has flaws that the sudden appearance of some buildings.

Special mention must be made for the soundtrack of the game, in fact, when we drive a car, we can change the radio frequency, with rock music lyrics.

The view is the third person and character of control is good, well organized on the gamepad and facilitate good management of character.

Regarding longevity, incomparable GTA III, it has about 73 main missions that will provide many hours of play, a greater freedom of action given to the player, the time may increase significantly.
Ultimately GTA III is a masterpiece also because it marks a revolution for the series and brings a new wave in the gaming world, has several flaws, including graphics imperfection. Recommended for fans of action games and those who want to try their hand at something totally different from the games released so far.

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