Possible Cause Leukemia and Risk Factors

Possible Cause Leukemia and Risk Factors You Should Know ~ Leukemia is a disease that is considered lethal. Leukemia is basically a type of bone marrow and blood cancer, caused by inappropriate cellular activity. Leukemia In addition, it is developing rapidly is called acute leukemia, while if the disease develops slowly, is called chronic leukemia.

The direct causes of leukemia are still unknown. At present, medical science is unable to determine the specific cause of leukemia. However, a strong correlation between genetic factors and the development of the disease was revealed. Leukemia occurs fault genetic background that causes the incomplete cells produce excessive, partially matured. In addition, leukemia hereditary factor, which enables the transmission of genetic predispositions to disease from one generation to another. Although many factors are known to contribute to the development of leukemia, it alone can not be considered as causes of leukemia.

Among the environmental factors that are supposed to be the causes of leukemia, here are some of the most plausible:

  • Do you think smoking to increase the chances of being affected by leukemia smoking

Although statistics show that nearly 20 percent of cases of acute leukemia are related to smoking, leukemia also occurs to people who do not smoke and can not therefore be considered as a cause of leukemia in itself;

  • Prolonged exposure to radiation

Radiation is considered to facilitate the development of leukemia. It is believed that X-ray exposure can be a cause of leukemia;

  • Prolonged exposure to benzene

Statistics show that this is a major risk factor in some forms of leukemia, such as myelogenous leukemia;

  • Chemotherapy and cancer therapy

Treating cancer and prior chemotherapy are known to facilitate the occurrence and development of leukemia and can be considered plausible leukemia causes. In a few years after the end of chemotherapy and other treatments for some forms of cancer, most people can develop leukemia.

Among the genetic factors that are considered leukemia causes, the following are thought to be the most important:

  • Chromosomal abnormalities

Some rare genetic syndromes are known to contribute to the cause of leukemia;

  • Genetic immune system problems

A weak immune system is likely to facilitate the occurrence of leukemia and, hence, a cause of leukemia can be envisaged;

  • Down syndrome

Children born with this syndrome have a high risk of developing acute leukemia.

That about cause leukemia and risk factors, greetings always healthy.

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