Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Agriculture Annual Dawn Today ~ Thousands of years ago, according to ensuring people on hunting, fishing and gathering food for their families. They looked edible plants to find food. Soon people realized that they could grow these plants. People make the cotton and linen clothes. People had to learn how to plant to prepare the ground or grow plants. They learned, create or grow plants. They learned how to treat plants or move, grow what they wanted. Agriculture is one approach for growing - later had matured in the art. Agriculture has used advances in technology to improve methods of cultivation and harvest.

Farm equipment

A farmer crops in shallow trenches. The grooves are shallow trenches, narrow slots appearing on the ground. The farmer becomes mixed nutrients dirt ground. Plants need different types of nutrients to stay healthy. Farmers also rotate the earth in order to grow to loosen the soil and provide seed space.

An invention designed to plow to break the earth. Digging trenches dragged across the floor. A farmer pushes the plow pull back or front. A tractor is used to pull a lot of agricultural machinery.

Often crops

Sickles and reapers

Farmers need to harvest the crops or cut down and collect the parts used since grown to full size. One can cut the hand to crops. Spoon with a scythe is hard work and takes a long time. The reaper is another invention. This is a machine which cuts wheat and other cereals, by using multiple sheets. It works much faster than a scythe.

Farmers should develop some crops before use. For example, the growing of cotton balls with many small seeds. The cotton fibers are unwound and you need to remove all the seeds. Then make people cotton thread. An employee will weave the yarn into fabric for clothing.

Chemical substances:


Fertilizers are substances that add nutrients to the soil to help plants grow. The natural fertilizers used for centuries. They include manure or animal excrement. Compost is a mixture of decaying plant materials, and people use it as fertilizer. Some farmers use chemical fertilizers to help their crops grow.

Plant Protection

Some farmers use poisons to protect their crops from weeds and insects. Herbicides are chemicals that destroy weeds. Many people sprayed herbicide to kill weeds. Pesticides are small chemical compounds that kill insects. Other species of insects, plants are able to destroy locusts and beetles. Farmers pulverize pesticides to prevent these insects that destroy their crops.

Biological Georgia

Organic farming is a natural form of agriculture. Many people believe that the use of harsh chemicals on plants or products that may be harmful to the health of individuals regularly using the food that had been exposed to chemicals. Organic farmers use only things that are developed to help existing in nature such as plants manure. Organic farming does not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.


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