Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Causes Acne and How To Treat It ? ~ If you suffer from acne, then probably this question again and again. Fortunately, this article provides the most current and accurate information available, to banish your acne once and for all.

What is acne?

Essentially Acne begins when a skin pore clogging. Moreover, with rough and abrasive pads also lead to more pimples, as time passes.

There are various types of acne. Some of these types can range from mild to severe acne and can suffer have at any given time more than one species. But what causes acne remains the same, no matter what type of acne you have.

Types of acne are:

  • White Heads

These are the beginning of a pimple, but remain under the skin is not always visible.

  • Carnations

Pimples arise when oil is trapped in a pore through which the pores are connected.

  • Papules

These small, pink bumps is a mild form of acne.

  • Nobules

These large, solid pimples are inflamed and very painful and is deeply embedded in the skin. This is a severe form of acne.

  • Cysts

Cysts are the most painful type of acne and what usually causes acne scars to pock. While the occasional pimple with almost all acne is a persistent condition and iteration, where many pimples occur on the face, back, neck and / or regular chest. It is an ugly and embarrassing skin condition, but there are some things that can contribute to the production of acne. Knowing what can cause acne can also buy the best treatment to find fight acne.

Direct causes of acne

While scientists certainly do not know what causes acne, there are many direct causes of acne identified. One of the direct causes of acne is the overproduction of oil.

The whole skin is covered with an oily substance called sebum which normally operates in patients with fair skin. While clogged pores can be very inflamed and irritated easily, they can also form blackheads or comedones. A severe form of acne, such as acne vulgaris is known, can result if the blocked portion is ignited.

Superprodutivas sebaceous glands is one of the direct causes of acne, but there are also indirect causes of acne, which should also be addressed.

Indirect causes of acne

Apart from the direct causes of acne, the underlying causes can lead to acne. These may include:

  • Hormonal imbalances

It is generally known that the floating hormones and hormonal disorders, can help acne. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause acne, even if you never had acne before. Fortunately, it tends to disappear their acne after birth.

  • Food Allergies

Although not fully understood why some food allergies can cause symptoms of acne, it is claimed that the gluten, milk, yeast and eggs can cause flare ups in people who are sensitive to this kind of food. If you suspect that your acne is caused by one of these foods, you can remove these foods from your diet and see if symptoms improve.

  • Nutrient deficiencies

If you are deficient in any nutrients that your body needs to thrive, you can find a variety of problems - including acne. If you have moderate to severe acne and lack of certain vitamins and minerals needed by the body, you can take a supplement or increase the intake of these vitamins through food may help relieve symptoms.

  • Poor diet

Although the long-held belief that fatty foods and chocolate is the direct cause of acne is reduced, it is true that a poor diet can contribute indirectly to skin problems. If you follow a diet that is rich in eating processed foods and saturated fats, do favors for your skin. Cutting these highly processed foods and include lots of fruits and healthy vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats, the skin condition is likely to improve dramatically.

  • Genetic

While it is clear how much a role in the formation, convinced many genetic match acne doctors that what acne breakouts may cause genetic. If you have had a family history of acne, doctors believe that much more likely to suffer even acne.

Simple solution for the treatment of acne

Unfortunately, there is no standard size for suits treatment of acne. Although we know what causes acne, the available treatments work differently for everyone.

Although you probably have many different drugs for the opportunity to try before the skin has healed, there are many ingredients that have been proven effective in treating and reducing acne. Killing the bacteria to the source of benzoyl peroxide reduces inflammation and leads to better overall skin.

Another common ingredient in over-the-counter acne product, salicylic acid has been found, works similarly. This drug targets the layers of dirt and debris, the follicles and removes contaminated for acne bacteria to eliminate the covered skin.

There are a number of direct and indirect causes of acne, but knowing what causes acne and how to treat them effectively is to get the key back beautiful skin.


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