Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hoverboard Battery Designed To Carry Modern Skateboarding Tricked ~ Real life Recently in the online Think Tank, a young, rising star, Christopher Freeman (16) Indiana ponders the question.:

How about a battery powered hoverboard?

Hovering over a flat surface helps, but you can not do many laps or if you lose your air under. There may be a way to solve this problem with an expandable skirt and some ground affect the smooth landings.
Now a lot of energy is required to blow 2 low pressure under the board Lbs, so you do not need a lot of energy.
If you use the ram air push forward to help, then you need less energy and have a greater ability to hover as you go faster, allowing you to go a little higher. The big question is when you let the air leak is like a giant exhaust valve and the board will land.
There were hang-built cars that can go down the road at 60 mph, a former rocket scientist built once and he used to drive around the Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles in the 1960s Basically your stationary car theft watched a small flying saucer, was little friction on the ground because they do not touch the ground, but its wheels had led and arrested.
Remember on a skateboard want to get some air, but if you are looking for a skateboard to work as a hovercraft, we can build and use a few more tricks to make it work, but will it be fun to ride, can you do tricks?


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