May 29, 2016

Obviously, technology has made thinner TVs more sophisticated, with quality and durability. In November 2008, 23.3% of TV households have an HDTV. Recent LED TVs deliver crystal clear viewing experience emergence, even better than HDTVs newest and most modern. The figures obtained from Nielsen show that in each progressive quarter, the average American watches more television. This trend can be attributed to the growth of the DVR. The ability to record and save the program allows Americans to see their favorite TV shows at your convenience.

The figures also show that more people are watching a cable news. From 2007 to 2008 new audience doubled. Despite a reduction of household budgets in the recent economic turmoil, Americans are not cable or satellite decommissioning basic services. People continue to buy TV and tuning into cable networks.

The growth of Hulu and online media in general has been a product of technological change. Many people argue that the rise of Internet media can take to watch TV in the lounge. However, my experience shows otherwise.


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