May 29, 2016

Hulu is a video streaming service that offers several television movies and network totally free. Hulu has a paid account option called Hulu Plus, which offers a selection of expanded content and also allows access through many Internet-connected devices. Hulu instantly streaming video from the Internet to your computer or device connected to the Internet. Because Hulu transmits the media, there is no waiting for your favorite downloadable content. Hulu also provides practical features pause and rewind that make the experience similar to watching a DVD or a program recorded on a DVR. Hulu offers Fox television shows, ABC, CBS, NBC and more. Most popular TV shows available on Hulu a day or two after the date of the original air television. Hulu also offers many movies.

However, the choice of film is somewhat limited. There are many features that allow Hulu Plus to be streamed directly to your TV without a computer. These devices are often called digital video players or streaming video players. One of the most popular brands of these devices is Roku. Roku connected to your TV, with a Hulu Plus subscription allows you to transmit all Hulu content has to offer directly to your TV. Other models are available for a little more money to include some extra features, but the basic model must meet the needs of most people. Roku also streams content from many other providers such as Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, Pandora and popular free music service.

Hulu Plus and Roku make a nice pair.


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