Thursday, April 07, 2016

In 2005, neighbors of the city and Patterson Park Public, two charter schools in Baltimore, appealed to the formula per student funding to the Board of the State. The council decided in their favor, and the Baltimore school system has appealed the decision of the Board of the Special Court of Appeal, the second highest court Maryland. Earlier this month, the court ruled in favor of charter schools, requiring Maryland to spend so much money per student in charter schools as they spend their traditional counterparts.

Charter schools are publicly funded but operate independently under contracts with local school boards. Of the 24 charter schools in Maryland, 17 are located in the Baltimore system.

The Baltimore by student funding formula differs between their traditional schools and charter. Traditional institutions received the equivalent of about $ 11,000 per student. Charter institutions receive US $ 5,859 per student in cash, with the remainder received in services provided to the institutions, the Baltimore school system, such as special education and food. After the court's decision, the school board of Baltimore met in camera, issuing a statement vaguely worded. After the statement was released, the neighbors of the town board President Bobbi Macdonald stated that they did not ask for more money, that equity in the school system in Baltimore. Neighboring city attorney Will DuBois underscored the fact that both the State Council and the court agreed to a funding model that achieves the parity sought by the two charter schools.

The hope of letters meet Baltimore to discuss the court decision. They would like to move forward with the school board of Baltimore for the benefit of all students in Baltimore. Meanwhile, the president of the school board of Baltimore Brian D. Morris said Baltimore is currently analyzing the financial impact of the court's decision.