Saturday, March 12, 2016

GTA: San Andreas is the best Grand Theft Auto games and one of the best games released in 2004. GTA: San Andreas begins in 1992 and takes place on the island of San Andreas, which contains a total of three cities. The first city that his character Carl Johnson, aka. C. J., goes to visit his hometown of Los Santos. C. J. returns home after hearing of the death of his mother that his group is in ruins. C. J. sweet brother is not very happy with him for ditching his gang all these years and intimidates him to help bring the district of their rival gang, the Ballas. Unfortunately CJ has more than gangs of problems to deal with, it has legal problems too. Entering Los Santos J. C. was approached by two corrupt policemen demanding their cooperation or another. Now CJ is arrested in Los Santos take control of his gang and the police; that between the two keep plenty busy. The city of Los Santos is arranged similarly to Los Angeles, California and Grove Street, home to CJ and his band, is the slums of the city. One of the first tasks of the CJ, which remains in the game, is to cover the rival gang graffiti. This is synonymous with hidden packages that you find in GTA: Vice City.

Three leaders in the Grove Street gang that C. J., often working with his brother Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke. Together they paint graffiti, perform drive-bys, and attack the Ballas. Security and power comes in numbers.

You not only get parts of the Los Angeles ghetto, you rich parts too. You can also earn money by performing fire missions, vigilante missions, ambulance missions, etc. There are other mini-games to try not to give you good rewards, but they are still fun as running, dating, dancing, and low-rider competitions. With all these games and all the side missions this game can take forever to fill completely.

De Los Santos will visit some small towns in the country will organize a few commands. Logo San Fierro will be open for you. San Fierro is based on the actual city of San Francisco. Once you enter San Fierro, there will be missions for you to perform just as there will be in all the other towns and villages on the island of San Andreas. Wherever you go your work, work, work.

After San Fierro, Las Venturas opens its doors for you. Las Venturas is the version of Los Vegas, Nevada 1990 Home maniac play. There will be missions such as the casino robbery and killing the mafia. Some additions to the San Andreas that are not present in other GTA games are CJ's ability to swim (even under water), his ability to ride a bike, it can block and moves the use of combination of enemies. Since CJ can swim underwater breathing there is a counter that is to be monitored. To increase the breath counter spend much time swimming underwater and resurfacing. CJ also need to eat to stay healthy and fit. CJ appearance are important to the game and he must keep fit, go to the gym. He needs muscle, both to respect and to fight. CJ also need to fight against classes while in the gym.

Respect is important for the progress of CJ in the game. He can earn respect for the way he dresses, but as it is, and completing missions. GTA: San Andreas can last 25-40 hours, depending on how the player is well versed in the GTA games and how much time is devoted to the main story. There are arcade games, racing games, etc. that can entertain you as long as you want to spend with them. Many people are not even touch it for the plot, they play just to beat people and stealing cars. One thing that is special about this game that has not been in any other GTA game is a two player mode. It is not really as exciting as it sounds, but it is a step in the right direction (one small step).

The graphics of this game are quite amazing. The shimmering on the road when it's hot, hazy fog, and rain. Large mountainous areas covered with grass and trees. The skyscrapers, swimming pools and mansions to name a few. The characters seem much more natural than in Vice City. The soundtrack has a lot of variety, as well as Vice City did. The sound effects make you feel like your right in the action. The cast did a great job and the dialogue was correct. Some special actors were Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Penn and James Woods. GTA: San Andreas was a great game to play, but if you are looking for something with a different feel of GTA: Vice City do not look here. It is a little clean driving around cities that have explored in real life and recognize where you are. How to trace your way down the strip in Las Vegas or finding Haden Ashberry in San Francisco. Of all the GTA games is the best.