Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Methods Used for Leukemia ~ The most common treatment of leukemia is a chemotherapy. Use therapy for children is produced by radiation and is used only for the treatment of leukemia in the central nervous system and testicles. Unfortunately leukemia can not be cured by stem cell transplant surgery is. The method may be used. 

In the case of chemotherapy and induction scaling are used for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. Chemotherapeutic medicine provided by the cerebrospinal fluid are received by the patients during the duration of treatment. In relative to the cerebrospinal fluid chemotherapy to prevent the spread of leukemia cells central nervous system. 

To induce remission in acute promyelocytic leukemia are used retinoic acid and arsenic trioxide after month untreated patients surviving state induction. The person is essential to the blood counts return to normal. Different treatments needed for chronic forms of treatment. The disease is successful using the following medicines: imatinib mesylate in patients with chronic myelogenousleukemia and cladribine and 2-deoxycoformycin, which are effective against hairy cell leukemia, a type of leukemia chronic lymphocytic. 

Ten million leukemic cells remaining in the body after induction. The paper consolidation goals that refer to an intensification is to eliminate leukemic cells from sites such as the central nervous system, and testes, where cancer cells it continues to be detected by the immune system; the role of the cell is one that reduces the number of leukemia cells remaining in the final phase of treatment is the maintenance. Patients body. The low risk and high risk given the different leukemia drug, in this case, but the drugs are used at doses lower than those of the induction phase. 

A relatively new and complex treatment for leukemia and graft composed of cells collected from wells in the bones that make blood cells or blood. For children with little chance of survival and for which treatment falls transplantation is used. Blood-forming stem cells are harvested from the patient or from a donor with a substantially identical cell type. In this case, the cells are frozen at storage.If the umbilical cord blood is available can be used as a source of cells strains. 

To kill cancer cells that the patient is undergoing treatment with a very high dose of chemotherapy, and normal bone marrow cells are killed due to radiation. All t radiation.Then of chemotherapy and bone marrow is filled with corps. Pour the stored stem cells revert to treat disease and maintain the body's immunity immunotherapy is used.For leukemia patients to interferon alpha is an immune system enhancer produced as a drug for the strengthening the immune system of the body is used successfully.